Increased Energy. Bright, Tranquil Mood. Natural Healing.

Hello, I am Aaron Stiner, CCH, Homeopath at Rising Sun Wellness. I provide natural, holistic healthcare to adults, teens, and kids.

I specialize in using natural remedies to relieve emotional disturbances, like anxiety and depression, and to provide lasting physical healing.

I use Homeopathic remedies to help you:

— Calm your anxious thoughts and feelings
— Restore your energy, improve your sleep, and lift your mood
— Find lasting relief from aches, pains, and other physical symptoms
— Clear your inner obstacles to living with freedom, tranquility, and ease

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I have successfully treated people suffering from symptoms of anxiety, depression, exhaustion, chronic pain, sleep problems, long-Covid, autoimmune and digestive disorders, arthritis, asthma, brain-fog, ADHD, and more!

I use all-natural, Homeopathic remedies which are free from chemicals and side-effects. The remedies stimulate healing in your whole being – mind, body, and feelings.  

I see patients in-person in Alexandria, VA, and over Zoom. My care is thorough and holistic; you will feel heard, understood, and empowered.

Want to calm your anxious thoughts and feelings?

Searching for lasting relief from physical symptoms?

Seeking natural treatment free from side-effects and chemicals?

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Want to be heard and understood by your care provider?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Homeopathy is right for you!
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Located in Alexandria, Virginia, I serve Metro DC, Northern Virginia, and all the world!

You can choose Zoom consultations or in-person at the offices of Cornerstone Chiropractic, 301 S Columbus St, Alexandria, VA 22314. You can contact me at or (703) 740-8976.


Katie McDonaldKatie McDonald
00:57 09 Dec 22
I had never taken a homeopathic remedy or even thought about trying homeopathy as a solution for any health or wellness need. After what felt like a never-ending cold-like illness, I met with Aaron for an acute illness intake. Aaron was incredible in his question-asking and his determination of my ailments and needs. He also was very clear in his instructions on dosage of the remedy, which put my mind at ease given that this was my first time using a homeopathic remedy. His remedy recommendation was spot on! I immediately purchased the remedy after our intake and felt better within hours. My illness essentially took a 180 in less than 24 hours! I highly recommend his incredible services. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable about homeopathy and truly cares about his clients.
Jeanine WeinglassJeanine Weinglass
23:11 08 Jul 22
I had been experiencing asthma issues after COVID. My normal asthma and allergy doctor was unable to improve my symptoms, but a few sessions and a couple remedies from Aaron did the trick. He was also able to address some longstanding fatigue issues I had been plagued with for several years. I highly recommend him for your health and wellness needs.
Noor LababidiNoor Lababidi
18:53 11 Apr 22
I have had the most wonderful experience working with Aaron at Rising Sun. I came in with a myriad of problems I wanted to discuss and hopefully begin to remedy, and Aaron was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the process. The remedy he created for me has helped me become better and enjoy my life experience in ways I didn’t even realize I could improve as well. I can confidently say I am nowhere near the place I was before I started with Aaron and am excited to see how my own progress continues. If you’re thinking of starting your journey here, I wouldn’t hesitate. Thank you to Aaron and the Rising Sun Wellness team!
Claire WilliamsClaire Williams
18:40 19 Mar 22
Aaron is awesome to work with - our sessions along with the remedies he's identified have led to significant changes in my wellness and overall life satisfaction. I always learn something meaningful in every conversation, and Aaron is very attuned and caring, checking in on me between sessions to make sure treatment is going well. Highly recommend!
Kristen HoeflingerKristen Hoeflinger
17:06 14 Mar 22
Aaron has been so helpful to our family these past 2 years. We’d been repeatedly disappointed by our PCP’s inability to find solutions & the overall lack of interest traditional doctors have for anything beyond writing prescriptions.Our child’s specialist‘s was out of ideas to treat his ADD and anxiety after some intolerable medication side effects, so we initially sought Aaron’s help for that reason. Since he began treating our son a year ago we’ve seen measurable improvements every few months. Aaron subsequently provided remedies for bone trauma after a ski accident and surgery, and a remedy for covid when our entire family caught it this year.Aaron is a wealth of information on homeopathy and an expert in general wellness. He’s very thorough and takes time to explain how this modality works within our bodies, as many people are skeptical at first. I’ve appreciated his honestly in recommendations for some inexpensive yet effective OTC products as well.I recommend Aaron to anyone tired of traditional “healthcare” not working or those considering a more natural, alternate means to health and happiness.

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Homeopathy is an individualized treatment – your remedy is selected specifically for you and your life.

A Homeopathy intake is thorough and holistic – I listen with caring attention to understand your symptoms and your experience of life.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate healing in the mind, body, and emotions.

Homeopathy is often effective when nothing else seems to work.

Homeopathy is a natural treatment without side effects.

Homeopathic remedies can be used safely with prescription medications, or as a natural alternative.

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Aaron discovered the healing power of homeopathy when, as a stay-at-home-dad, he sought natural wellness solutions for he and his family, including his two sons.

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Homeopathy is incredibly effective in resolving long-term suffering, improving a patient’s whole health, wellness, and quality of life.

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