Heatstroke Relief

man in gray t shirt holding blue bottle of water and touching forehead
Many parts of the United States are experiencing unprecedented levels of heat putting individuals at an increased risk of heatstroke.

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Two cases of heatstroke, two different Homeopathic remedies

My older son came in from mowing our neighbors lawn during a recent hot day. He was clearly suffering.

Gasping for breath and pale, he sat down heavily. He said, “I just need to catch my breath, drink some cold water, and maybe lay down. I feel exhausted.”

man in gray t shirt holding blue bottle of water and touching forehead
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I gave him one dose of the Homeopathic remedy, Carbo Vegetabilis (Carb-v.) 30c, and he started feeling better within minutes. His skin returned to its normal color, his breathing calmed, and his energy returned.

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Another day, my younger son’s little league team faced a tough opponent on a hot day. One of his teammates came to the dugout with a bright red face and a dazed look in his eyes. He paced around the dugout in clear distress and a little irritable.

Strangely, he refused water even though he was clearly hot and complained of a headache. He said his head was throbbing. I offered my help to his parents, who agreed.

One dose of Belladonna (Bella.) 30c and he was able to relax, sit down, and begin drinking water. He returned to the game with his energy restored. He requested a second dose a few innings later and finished the game without any issues.

Individualized Medicine

In these two cases we see that each person responds differently to overheating. In Homeopathy, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. Therefore, each kid got the remedy suited to their individual symptoms.

The better you can match the symptom-picture of the remedy to the symptoms experienced by the individual, the better the results.

Individualization = rapid and effective healing.

Top Three Homeopathic Remedies for Heatstroke

Homeopathy is incredibly effective in treating a wide-variety of acute and chronic health conditions, including heatstroke. Below are three top Homeopathic remedies to relieve the symptoms of heatstroke.

The remedies can be purchased for relatively inexpensively online or at your local health food stores, including Whole Foods, Mom’s Organic Market (MOMs), or the Vitamin Shoppe.

One of the three remedies should cover most of the individual responses to heatstroke and it may be helpful to have them on hand, just in case.

However, it is always good to call 9-1-1 in the cases of extreme heatstroke. You can also contact me for an Acute Care Consult if you need further advice or if symptoms linger.

The dosing instructions follow the list of remedies.

Try Belladonna (Bella.) if your heatstroke symptoms include…

  • Overheating with bright red face, sunburned skin, and a congested head
  • Limbs and muscles are swollen and cramping
  • Throbbing, sharp, or shooting headache that comes on suddenly
  • Dry throat and dry mouth, but you lack thirst, only want to drinks in sips, or desire lemonade
  • Your sweat comes and goes – one minute you are dripping sweat, the next minute you are dry and shivering
  • Fearful, restless, and distressed; you are sensitive to light, noise, and getting jarred; may become irritable

Try Carbo Vegetabilis (Carb-v.) if your heatstroke symptoms include…

  • Overheated, exhausted, collapsed, and you need to lie down
  • Pale face with clammy skin; may include profuse sweating
  • Cooling down can actually worsen your symptoms and increase your weakness
  • “Air hungry” – can’t catch your breath, you need air, and you want to be fanned
  • Limbs feel very heavy and dragging
  • Sluggish and dull mentally; dull, heavy headache
  • Carb-v is also known as the “Corpse Reviver” because the patient will look and feel like a corpse!

Try Lachesis (Lach.) if your heatstroke symptoms include…

  • Rapid onset of symptoms with flushes of heat, especially in the head and face, that seem to rise up
  • Weakness, trembling, and awkward walking gait
  • Skin is blotchy and dark, mottled and purple
  • Stiff, sore neck; throat is dry and constricted, worse for empty swallowing, better for swallowing cold drinks and cold food – both which you make you feel better
  • Sensitive and intolerant to touch; clothing aggravates your skin and feels tight and constricting around your throat and chest
  • Delirious, nervous, talkative and rambling

Dosing Instructions

  • Use the above remedies in the 30c potency.
  • The remedies come as pellets in a small vial. One dose = two pellets.
  • Dispense the pellets into the vial cap by twisting the cap. Do not touch the pellets with your hands. Dump them from the vial cap directly under your tongue.
  • Take two pellets under the tongue at the first indication of symptoms. Repeat every 15–30 minutes for two hours, or until symptoms clear.
  • The sooner you start dosing after the symptoms begin, the quicker the relief.
  • If symptoms persist, take two pellets every 2—4 hours for up to three days until symptoms clear – or call 9-1-1.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please contact me with any questions!

And, while you are here, check out my Consultations page to learn more about my services.

Aaron Stiner, CCH
Rising Sun Wellness

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