Homeopathic Summertime First-Aid

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With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend marking the unofficial start of summer I want to share some of the best Homeopathic remedies for summertime first-aid. 

Homeopathy is great because it is safe and effective for adults, teens, and kids. The remedies are inexpensive, free from side-effects, and available over-the-counter.

The School of Homeopathy, where I completed my Advanced Practitioner Diploma, recently shared an article, “Top Homeopathic Remedies for Summertime First-Aid”. (scroll down for the link)

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The article shares remedies for conditions like:

ConditionHomeopathic Remedy
– Injuries, including falls, sprains, and strains (or getting hit with a baseball!)
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– Bites, stings, and allergiesApis
– Puncture wounds, especially rusty nailsLedum
– Sunstroke with red face, glassy eyes, and headacheBelladonna
– Car sickness/motion sicknessCocculus
– Overindulgence in rich, stimulating food and drink (aka hangover)Nux Vomica
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The article mentions a few more great first-aid remedies as well!

Click to read: Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Summertime First-Aid, then come back and check out the dosing instructions, below.

Dosing Instructions

Use 30c potency for first-aid situations. If the remedy is given immediately after an injury, sting, or wound, it can reduce and even prevent bruising, swelling, pain, and redness.

Take 2 – 3 pellets of the remedy under your tongue every 30-minutes to 1-hour at the first symptoms, and every 2 – 4 hours as symptoms persist. 

It’s best if you don’t handle the pellets directly – just dump the pellets from the cap directly under your tongue. The remedies will not interact with other medications and are side-effect free. They are safe for adults, teens, and kids (even pets!).

Remedies are very affordable and can be purchased at your local health food store, Whole Foods, or from Amazon.

Of course, if you need a more detailed first-aid intake you can contact me for an Acute Care Consultation.

If you are dealing with chronic illness or long standing symptoms which don’t seem to clear, even with conventional treatments, then contact me for a Homeopathic Wellness Consultation.

As always, be well and be loved!

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