Treat Fatigue Naturally

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic healthcare treatment with proven results in a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout.

Homeopathy is not naturopathy, herbal medicine, or essential oils. It is a unique system of medicine used by over 500 million people worldwide!

People using Homeopathic treatment for fatigue and exhaustion experience the following results:

  • Increased energy and better sleep
  • A brighter mood and improved outlook on life
  • Lasting relief from aches, pains, and other physical symptoms
  • Clearer thinking and better focus
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Treat at home, or see a Homeopath?

One of the great things about Homeopathy is that you can relieve your fatigue and exhaustion by treating yourself at home. You can purchase Homeopathic remedies at your local health food store, Whole Foods, or online. The remedies are safe, FDA regulated, inexpensive, and free from side-effects.

Scroll down to read about three leading remedies to treat fatigue and exhaustion —

But, how do you know if you should treat yourself at home or if you should see a professional Homeopath (like me)?

Self-treat at home if…
  • Your fatigue and exhaustion are only occasional or situational (less than 4 times/year)
  • You are generally healthy and just need one-time relief
  • You are not using multiple medications or alternative treatments
See a Homeopath if…
  • Your fatigue and exhaustion are ongoing and regularly occurring
  • You have an underlying health condition contributing to fatigue and exhaustion
  • You would like relief for your whole person – mind, body, and feelings
  • You have tried other treatments without results
  • You are on several other medications

Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Exhaustion and Fatigue

If you decide you want to treat your exhaustion and fatigue at home using safe, natural Homeopathic remedies, below are three you can try.

Each remedy has specific symptoms that it treats. You want to match the remedy to your experience of fatigue and exhaustion.

Your symptoms don’t have to be a perfect match for what is listed and you may think “oh two remedies fit”. But, in Homeopathy we try one remedy at a time. Pick the closest match and give that remedy a try. If it doesn’t work, try another!

Remedy: China Officinalis (Chin.)

People needing Chin. experience weakness in the morning on waking. They feel drowsy and exhausted all day. People needing this remedy are so sleepy that they make mistakes in words and can’t arrange their thoughts. They are weak and tired after meals.

People needing this remedy have an absence of their usual lively mood, with a desire to be alone. Their sleep is heavy with snoring. They have anxious dreams, night sweats over the whole body, and awake anxious. They are so tired they become averse to mental or physical exertion.

Remedy: Ferrum Metallicum (Ferr.)

People needing Ferr. are so weak they can’t speak or walk and just want to lie down. They have a feeling of exhaustion and heaviness of the limbs, but their limbs are restless. People needing this remedy suffer from insomnia with tossing and turning all night. They are kept awake by thoughts of work and fall asleep late into the night. They have dreams of wars and battles.

Also, if fatigue and exhaustion makes a person argumentative and distressed then Ferr. is a great remedy. People needing Ferr. are often happy one evening, sad the next.

Remedy: Phosphorous (Phos.)

Phos. is an effective remedy when the person wakes in the morning feeling unrefreshed. Their body feels heavy and they want to stay in bed because they are exhausted all day. People needing Phos. have weakness and trembling of their limbs on every exertion.

Phos. is excellent when a person is sleepy by day, sleepless at night, especially when they are sleepy but can’t close their eyes. Because of their exhaustion, people needing Phos. are depressed and avoids responsibilities. They desire company, consolation, and sympathy, all which make them feel better. They are aggravated by light, sound, odor, and touch.

Dosing Instructions

Use the above remedies in the 30c potency. Take two pellets under the tongue every 2—4 hours as symptoms persist for up to 5 days. It’s best if you don’t have food or drink (except water) for 15 minutes before and after taking the remedy.

If symptoms continue after 5 days, contact me for a Homeopathic Wellness Consultation. The remedies are FDA regulated, side-effect and chemical free, and can be used safely with other treatments and medications.

My Services

I would be happy to help you through Homeopathy. I use Homeopathic remedies to help you:

— Calm your anxious thoughts and feelings
— Restore your energy, improve your sleep, and lift your mood
— Find lasting relief from aches, pains, and other physical symptoms
— Clear your inner obstacles to living with freedom, tranquility, and ease

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All the best,

Aaron Stiner, Homeopath
Rising Sun Wellness

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